Sanger Lawn Care Plus offers a wide variety of services designed to enhance the beauty of your property. Sanger Lawn Care Plus handles both residential and commercial accounts.
Lawn Mowing
Blowing and trimming are always included with lawn mowing packages.  
Landscaping can be an easy way to increase the value of your home! Choose from a wide variety of landscaping services including:
        Professionally installed mulch, rock, pea gravel, etc.
        Weed pulling
        Hedge trimming
        Plant installation and/or removal
        & more!
Leaf Removal
Sanger Lawn Care Pluscan gladly remove the leaves from your property, roof, or gutters. (one story homes only)
Curb Side Pick Up
If you would like to rake your own leaves but don’t have a place to put them, rake them to your curb and we will come and vacuum them up for you.
Total Lawn Clean Up
Has your property been destroyed by storms or neglect? Sanger Lawn Care Plus can make your lawn look great! Services vary depending on customer need. Call a Lawn Care Specialist at Sanger Lawn Care Plus to get more information about Total Lawn Clean Up services.
Snow Removal
This winter be sure to call Sanger Lawn Care Plus to remove dangerous snow on sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots & more!
Gutter Cleaning
Sanger Lawn Care Plus offers professional gutter cleaning services. Please call for a free estimate.
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